Night In With The My Scheming Black Face Mask

 There comes a time for every Mum – when it all gets a bit too much.

Harold was kind enough to bring some lovely Asian Skin Care products back from Taiwan, so I thought I’d open up a bottle of Prosecco and pamper myself silly for a night.

Time for a night in – without the kids.

For someone like me, a pretty much full-time Mum of two, who also writes her own blog, keeps an eye on current fashion events and has a hectic social calendar (with both my own friends and my husband’s) exhaustion can be just around the corner; a big old nervous breakdown is only a couple of toddler tantrums away.

It’s super important to look after yourself: mind, body and soul. Now that we’ve hurtled through this first month of the year, I can just about feel the edges of my sanity start to fray.

It can be really difficult to keep an eye on your personal well-being, especially when you’re booking yourself up all hours of the day with meetings, seeing friends and parenting. Sometimes it can often feel like the days are blending into the nights, until the weeks just feel like one horrendously busy, blurry sideshow that you can barely hold on to. Thanks to my new mindfulness techniques, that Dr. Harwich is teaching me, I’m getting better at noticing when I’m simply stretching myself too far. Dr. Harwich has told me that whenever I feel a bout of nervousness take hold, or even if I feel a little stretched, I should immediately drop all the responsibilities that I have and take some time for myself.

I’d had a particularly busy week last week, what with Alex’s Birthday party as well as the nightmare of Harold being away on business.

For five days I had a nasty glimpse into an alternate timeline where I never got married but still chose to have children. Woken up every morning at the crack of dawn, Harold wasn’t there to feed them, so I had to get their breakfast sorted before mine and make sure that they didn’t make a mess whilst they were eating. Harold usually sorts out feeding times, so it was a bit of a shock at first, I couldn’t believe how difficult they could be! I had to video chat him a couple of times this week just to make sure that I was doing the right thing.

With all the stress of looking after the kids for 5 mornings in a row (a nanny arrives at 10am to relieve me of duty) as well as being away from Harold, I was utterly destroyed when he came back. As soon as he’d got back and unpacked, I loaded the kids into his hands and sent him off to Mum’s for the weekend. When I ushered them out of the front door and locked all the hatches, I leant my back against the door and just bawled my eyes out. It felt so good.

If you’re thinking that I wasted a whole night in just crying then you are wrong!

The My Scheming Black Face Mask is the kind of beauty product that’s really best to try out by yourself. The product isn’t traditionally packaged like a normal cotton mask, instead it comes as a black liquid in a tube. The instructions are super simple, so all I had to was smear it on my face and let the strange liquid harden. Designed to yank out pesky whiteheads and blackheads, the liquid sticks to your skin and forms a hardened plastic-like mask, which you then peel off after half an hour or so. The peeling off procedure is pretty gross (I’m no beauty blogger, so you’ll not get any icky before/after pictures out of me) but I have to admit that I’m pretty pleased with the effects.

My skin looks a lot clearer, any little blackheads have been removed and you can barely even tell that I’ve been crying!